Tuesday, October 28, 2008

early voting

Yes, early voting makes voting easier so voter turnout will increase and yes, voter turnout is important, but I don't really like the idea of voter turnout. There is still a week in this campaign. A lot of things can happen in a week. As we have seen, the economy can plummet in a week. People's lives can easily change in a moment, let alone a week. Therefore, I dislike early voting. Early voting is an attempt to ease the voting process, but it also takes away from it. It takes away from the end of the campaign, it takes away from the importance of Election Day, and it takes away from the act of voting itself by making it more of a thing to do when I get the time in the next couple weeks, than something to seriously consider and do now. It takes away from the ritual of voting, which is important to consider because it is a very special thing, voting. Not everyone gets to vote, so the ritual of voting, of casting a ballot that will be counted when so many people can't cast ballots, is a very important part. Early voting makes voting less special by taking away from the captivating, if idealistic, idea of a nation acting as a unit to decide its future.

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