Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm calling for a look into retrograde motion in politics to make the size of government smaller, not bigger. I don't like the idea that the government is just going to keep expanding until all sectors of life are run by government agencies. I don't like the idea that the government will start not only helping fund college educations, but also auto loans. I don't like the idea that the size of government will increase until it is much larger than the private sector. I don't like the idea that the government is simply going to pump more money into the economy with several stimulus plans until they think something works because simply money won't make the economy recover. People need to believe in the economy again. People need to believe that things are improving. People need the government to decide to do something (or nothing) and be secure in that decision. This passing legislation and then deciding it's not good enough is not helping. It is increasing insecurity, which will never help the economy. I am afraid that the government is simply going to spend more money until Obama's far-reaching goal of cutting the deficit in half in the next four years not only seems unlikely, but is impossible. I am afraid that the government is simply going to pump money into ... - wherever it's going - until they see immediate results, which will take some time. The economy is not going to recover immediately. Economic recovery takes time and yes, it takes some waiting. So, I suppose what I am mainly calling for is patience. The economy has ups and downs. Some downs are worse than others, but most people make it out alive and no matter what everything takes time. Therefore, give it time. Government, take a breath. See what the large plan you just passed does and then take some action when you have an idea. Yes, things might not be great, this could be considered a crisis, but no matter what it's not going to be fixed in a day and this nation need not be so fatalistic.

Monday, February 23, 2009

First Big News of Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to the Middle East next week. As a part of her trip, she is going to announce the giving of $900 million dollars to Palestine to help rebuild Gaza. This is an interesting move since the Western World has generally backed Palestine's rival, Israel. However, all authorities say no money will go to the militant group Hamas. In general, the idea of rebuilding Gaza and having US and UN funding help with that goal ought to help the Middle East and Western relations with the region.

I think it is an interesting, but positive move that could help stabalize Gaza and Israel. If Gaza gets settled, then hopefully the turmoil will boil down. Also it is necessary that the region come to be able to function without the militant leaders of Hamas. Giving money to rebuild Gaza that will not go to Hamas ought to help create stability and reduce violence to a degree. Yes, simply rebuilding Gaza will do little to weaken Hamas' role in the area, but doing so without Hamas' input is definitely a step in the right direction, towards peace.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

stimulus plan

The stimulus plan passed. I have to say that 790-ish billion dollars is a lot of money, a lot of money that we don't actually have. Hmm... didn't over spending (by the American people, not the government, granted) get us into this mess in the first place? Well, I don't know whether the plan will do any good or not, but it will be interesting to watch. That's my opinion of politics in general - sometimes it's interesting to watch.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stimulus plan

If the people have decided they don't want the stimulus plan, why must the government give it to us. Popular support for President Obama's plan is on the decline, which shows that the people are thinking it is not necessarily needed. This nation ought to be more democratic. It ought to listen to the people. If the people say this plan isn't needed, well, maybe it isn't. Maybe there are other ways to help the economy. Maybe the government should listen to the people and come up with a plan that has popular support. I don't really know what that plan would be, but perhaps simply the people believing in the economy again, perhaps simply the people believing that we don't need billions of dollars of federal money for everything to be alright is enough. Now, that's awfully optimistic, perhaps idealistic, but so be it. I believe everything will work out alright no matter what, but I don't believe a stimulus plan without popular support is the best way to get everything to be alright.


President Obama has the best voice to nap to. Last night he was talking about his stimulus plan and fielding questions during his first press conference. I'm sure he did fine. I don't really know. I napped. I listened for about the first five minutes about how important it is that his stimulus plan passes (I don't know if I agree, but that's a subject for another time) and then I ended up falling asleep. He's a politician. He's very good at saying the same thing in different ways to a myriad of questions. Therefore, he's the best to nap to. He can talk on and on about whatever in a rather calm, droning voice. Thank you President Obama for helping me catch up on sleep and get over this cold sooner.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I thought the movie Frost/Nixon was really pretty good. I enjoyed watching it and was rather applicable to the topic we are studying. I don't really know how factual it was, but it seemed rather accurate and was definitely interesting. I enjoyed the setup of the interview with the interview plot line and thought it was a good evening's entertainment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Repeal the 22nd Amendment?

There are many convincing articles both for and against repealing the 22nd Amendment. Since I will be arguing for the amendment's repeal tomorrow, I appreciated this article by the New York Times. The article "No More Second Term Blues" blames the 22nd Amendment and its two term limit for the malodies many presidents seem to face during their second term. The article makes its claim by explaining the effects that being essentially "fired" in four years has on a second term president. Second term presidents lose power because everyone knows they won't be around for much longer and they lose sway over their part as other members of the party begin to carve out voter bases for the upcoming election. The possibility of being able to run for as many terms as possible means that presidents are always working hard and the people can help choose who is able to lead, not simply the Constitution. Therefore, repealing the twenty-second amendment would prevent "second term blues" and maintain that presidents never lose their sense of responsibility to the nation because their future presidential career is never ended without being caused by some action or decision of their own.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The President

It is interesting how the office of the president works and has evolved over the years. It definitely seems to have become much more intertwined in many more areas of government, yet the word of the president still does not simply get things done, which I think is a good thing. I liked Truman's quote from the Lanahan reading starting on page 199 that "[Eisenhower]'ll say 'Do this! Do that!' And nothing will happen. Poor Ike -- it won't be a bit like the Army. He'll find it very frustrating." I think that is an apt description of the presidency. It is an office with all of this power and influence, but it still does not have the last word. Simply the president saying "Do this!" does not make it done. There is a lot more that goes into the running of this country.

The quote also points out that the position of President of the United States is a rather stressful, frustrating position. It always sort of surprises me how many people want to be the president. I know I would not like such a position because of the stress. Presidents generally start their terms with such lofty goals, but often it seems find that it is much more difficult to get things done than they had hoped, as it can be said was somewhat the case with President Eisenhower. Eisenhower did get quite frustrated as I'm sure have many other presidents at the difficulties and pressures of the job.