Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mock Congress

Well, I am taking this opportunity to resign as speaker of the house. It was an interesting experience, but not one I would ever like to have in any seriousness. I have no intentions of ever entering politics, but did find the mock congress i recently partook in amusing. I think that it was most definitely a rough go at representing the House of Representatives, but did help me to understand bill making to some extent. I wish the discussion could have been more directed and that is largely my fault, so I apologize. I must say it was difficult to accurately represent Congress because we don't really know much about the real world of numbers. As seventeen and eighteen year olds we don't know how much things cost or how much any percent of tax will earn us. Therefore, our numbers were constantly off and constantly being debated instead of generally debating the bills, but nevermind that. It was still an interesting experience and I rather wish we would have had more time to thoroughly discuss the topics and ideas that came up during the mock congress.

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