Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bennett to Senate

I think Governor Ritter's appointment of Michael Bennett to the US Senate seat recently vacated by Ken Salazar is an interesting choice that will probably pay off in the end. Michael Bennett was the head of the Denver school districts before the appointment and in his three years in the position has made some good steps forward including working to rejuvenate a failing school by closing it and then reopening it one grade at a time better than before. The school system in Denver also did very well financially under Bennett. Overall, not much is known politically about Bennett, but I think he'll be a fine senator. He has established himself in the education sector and it will definitely be interesting to see how he does in other areas. Being practically a no name before this appointment, it is imperative, if Bennett would like to keep his seat for more than the two years left in Salazar's term, that he makes a name for himself and becomes recognized by many Coloradans who, before his appointment, generally knew nothing about him.

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