Thursday, January 8, 2009

David Price Reading

To be honest I thought David Price's essay was rather boring for the most part. Sure we should be interested in what our representatives do, but to know their daily schedule seems excesive. Yes, politicians go to a lot of meetings and talk a lot and get things done every now and then, but who exactly they're talking to everyday is of little interest to me.

I must say that the essay did gather more of my interest near the end when it began discussing the modern state of political campaigning, etc. The essay becomes more agressive towards the end in its disapproval of attack campainging and cynical politics.

An interesting line is the line in the second to last paragraph, "All of us feel occasionally that "I'd rather vote against this than to have to explain it," but we should worry if we find ourselves taking this way out too often or on matters of genuine consequence." It is funny the apathy not only of many American voters, but also appparently of our politicians.

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Tim Coit said...

Mr Smith goes to Washington and 'pork' blog are missing.