Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Everyone has an opinion in this election and in this class, which in many ways is a great thing. It is about time America gets riled up about politics and issues, but what really bothers me is when people simply vent. Passion and opinions are just fine, but I believe people should know what they are talking about. Blind passion is dangerous and should be avoided, but passion with grounding and support is to be encouraged. However, people also need to do things. I hate the whiners I see about me everyday who simply complain for the sake of complaining, but never do anything and instead simply hope for everything to be done for them. It is not the governments job to live the lives of the people. Instead, the people need to live their own lives and the government needs to govern while maintaining the most amount of personal freedom possible.

(so are we still turning our 2 or 3 vocab words on Friday, Sept. 12th? also, Mr. Coit, thank you for the new posted syllabus. i'm excited to learn all of it!)

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