Tuesday, September 30, 2008

estoy muy cansada

well... you know what? i'm tired. i'm tired of bickering about obama's and palin's experience. yes, palin is inexperienced. yes, obama has less experience than mccain, but more than palin. yes, obama is running for president. no, palin is not running for president. (and don't give me the "heartbeat away from the presidency" line...) so... can we please stop making this campaign about palin and obama? 'cause you know what? i really rather dislike politics. because none of it means anything (the bickering doesn't mean anything at least) and it doesn't get anywhere. maybe that's a good thing. i don't know if i necessarily want any of these people running my life for me. so thank you framers of the constitution, for making it a pain in the ass to accomplish anything in america's political system, 'cause i'd hate to think of the state of our country today if it was actually easy to get anything done in the government.

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Blunderer said...

Well if it was easy to get things done, then we would be just as screwed up as we are now...either way people suck in general, so politics are just a nuisance that we have to live with.

Besides, accomplishing things isn't as important as your party winning (in many people's mindsets) so hence the bickering.