Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rhetoric vs. Reality

In this article from, Obama calls for patience as he acknowledges "Change doesn't happen overnight." Like all presidents, it seems that Obama is realizing the job is much more than talk and much more difficult than expected.

Obama promised many things to the American people on his road to the White House. He gained office with a clear mandate from the people and tried to get his programs rolling. However, he met with difficulties to cultivate the change he had promised. His "honeymoon period" seemed much shorter than it may have been for other presidents and many may begin to fear he is not coming through with his promises as quickly as he said five short months ago in November. Obama is facing the cold world of politics from a whole new light, from the top, and may not be doing as well as was expected of his charasmatic self. He has (according to the article) already very politically shifted his stances on many issues and deadlines. It turns out the role of the presidency is not as easy or straightforward as Obama's Campaign for Change (We Can Believe In) Campaign seemed to believe as he swept into the White House. It will definitely be interesting to see how he does in the coming months and see how true to his word he is able to stick.

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