Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more money

It's all about money now-a-days. And according to the government, it's all about giving people money that we don't really have through plans that are being called "imperfect" by the very person signing such plans into law. Yes, there probably ought to be something done about the economy, but we have time. Market forces can drive the economy while the government works out the imperfections so obvious in many of these bills Obama has been so quickly signing into law. This last bill for $410 billion he said himself contained many earmarks that he's been trying to cut back (I believe "curb" was his word). Personally I am weary about all this spending not because of the pork, but because it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I sort of feel like we need to wait and see. We need to see what these bills do before simply passing more spending bills, that are, by nature generally imperfect. Psychologically people have an adverse reaction to spending, so spending in general is often imperfect. Therefore, it ought to be thought about more. The government should strive to make its spending bills as perfect as possible instead of simply signing them into law. Anyway, in my rather illterate way of explaining myself, that's what I think and I'm willing to wait and see what happens. Maybe the governments should do the same.

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