Tuesday, February 10, 2009

stimulus plan

If the people have decided they don't want the stimulus plan, why must the government give it to us. Popular support for President Obama's plan is on the decline, which shows that the people are thinking it is not necessarily needed. This nation ought to be more democratic. It ought to listen to the people. If the people say this plan isn't needed, well, maybe it isn't. Maybe there are other ways to help the economy. Maybe the government should listen to the people and come up with a plan that has popular support. I don't really know what that plan would be, but perhaps simply the people believing in the economy again, perhaps simply the people believing that we don't need billions of dollars of federal money for everything to be alright is enough. Now, that's awfully optimistic, perhaps idealistic, but so be it. I believe everything will work out alright no matter what, but I don't believe a stimulus plan without popular support is the best way to get everything to be alright.

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