Monday, February 23, 2009

First Big News of Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to the Middle East next week. As a part of her trip, she is going to announce the giving of $900 million dollars to Palestine to help rebuild Gaza. This is an interesting move since the Western World has generally backed Palestine's rival, Israel. However, all authorities say no money will go to the militant group Hamas. In general, the idea of rebuilding Gaza and having US and UN funding help with that goal ought to help the Middle East and Western relations with the region.

I think it is an interesting, but positive move that could help stabalize Gaza and Israel. If Gaza gets settled, then hopefully the turmoil will boil down. Also it is necessary that the region come to be able to function without the militant leaders of Hamas. Giving money to rebuild Gaza that will not go to Hamas ought to help create stability and reduce violence to a degree. Yes, simply rebuilding Gaza will do little to weaken Hamas' role in the area, but doing so without Hamas' input is definitely a step in the right direction, towards peace.

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